BODA is one of the most active Korean production houses for international documentaries. We are entirely committed to make creative and cinematic documentaries with a strong social perspective and to collaborate with a wide range of local and international broadcasters, funding institutions, distributors and online platforms.
With a creative documentary, Here Comes Uncle Joe, BODA was founded in 2010. The company’s producer Sinae Ha and director Wooyoung Choi have made diverse documentaries with international co-productions and looked for compelling stories and much-loved films internationally. We keep developing and producing Korean and international films by filmmakers with an artistic vision.
P.S. We fall in love with strong storyline, unique style, universal topics and touching personal perspectives. Our interest is in Youth, Current affairs, human issues, ecology and geopolitics.”



Stammering Ballad (Chinese Co-production)
Documentary | Music & Human Interest | 110’ | in 4K


God BLISS Our Home (Philippines Co-production)
Animadoc | Portrait & Social Issue | 76’ | in HD


Project Red Pot
Documentary | Social Impact Series | 52′ * 2 episodes | in HD

Mansudae Masterclass
Documentary | Social Issue | 52’ | in HD


Reach For The SKY (Belgium Co-production)
Documentary | Social Issue | 90′ & 52′ | in HD

Documentary | Human Interest | 75’ | in HD


Documentary | Human Interest | 56’ & 45’ | in HD


HERE COMES UNCLE JOE (American and Japanese Co-production)
Documentary | Human Interest | 70’ & 52’ | in HD

Meet our team

We are driven and ambitious professionals who can make a difference, either creatively or practically.
Sinae Ha
Sinae HaFounder & Producer
Since 2005, she had worked in a television production house as a director with a B.A specialized in journalism. In 2011, she was granted a M.S degree in Cross-media production at the Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST.
During the 2010’s Crossing Borders, she directed and produced her first international feature documentary, ‘Here Comes Uncle Joe’ with Wooyoung Choi.

Based on this experience, she has produced diverse documentaries with international filmmakers, ‘REACH FOR THE SKY (2015)’, ‘ASHES TO ASHES (2015)’, ‘MANSUDAE MASTERCLASS (2016)’, ‘GOD BLISS OUR HOME (2017)’, and ‘STAMMERING BALLAD (2017).’

BODA Friends

Wooyoung Choi
Wooyoung ChoiDirector / Producer

Wooyoung Choi directed his first international documentary, ‘Here Comes Uncle Joe’ with Sinae Ha in 2013. This documentary got several awards; Best Long Documentary at Qinghai Mountain Documentary Festival 2014, China, Best Documentary Feature & Best director of Non-fiction at TELAS- Sao Paulo TV Festival 2014, and Best Long Documentary in Gold Panda International Documentary Festival 2014.

In 2015, his second feature documentary, ‘Reach for the SKY’ was nominated at Busan International Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Doc Point, Udine Far Eastern Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, and so on.

He has produced diverse documentaries, ‘Ashes To Ashes (2015)’, ‘God BLISS Our Home (2017)’, and ‘Stammering Ballad(2017)’

Sona Jo
Sona JoProducer

Born in Daejeon, South Korea, Sona studied Fine Arts and Social Sciences at Yonsei

Her career in film production began with a Belgium-Korean co-production
project, “Reach for the SKY”, where she was a production manager. She worked as
a producer for “Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno” while working as an assistant
coordinator for workshops in Seoul such as BCPF-IDFA Docuclinic, KCA-Sheffield
Doc/Fest workshop.

She currently has several feature documentaries in development
and production.

Mark Siegmund
Mark SiegmundProduction Manager

A native of the East German city of Leipzig, Mark has been living in South Korea for over 13 years where he has worked in various film-related jobs.

From 2007 till 2015, he worked at the Seoul Film Commission taking care of international productions and co-productions shooting in Seoul. Among the countless projects, Mark was working on he was in charge of the initial location scouting for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Sense 8. He got an in-depth insight into the Korean film industry, knows the city like the back of his hand and is well networked in the industry.

Since October 2015, he’s been working as a freelance location manager and production coordinator for int’l film and TV productions shooting in Korea.

PeroProduction Cat
Pero is a 3-year-old cat to support our production. All staff gets an energy from him!