Project Description

God BLISS Our Home | 오 나의 블리스 (2017)

For 10 years, Nawruz has lived in BLISS, a former government housing project that has now become a shelter for local migrants, city workers, and university students. Originally from the southern Philippines, he has decided to stay in Manila not only for work opportunities but also for the comfort and freedom of urban living.ButstayinginManilaisn’teasy— and it isn’t cheap either.He accepts freelance design and animation work, sells beauty products, joins a community lending scheme, and thinks of renting a whole flat in BLISS and lease its rooms to others to earn and save money. One day, his mother calls and asks him to come home. She is worried about his financial troubles and offers to help.Reluctantly, he agrees and uses this opportunity to connect again with his family, especially with his mother whose values have always been old-fashioned. God BLISS Our Home is Nawruz’sself-portrait documenting his struggles to survive in Manila, his passion to pursue his dreams and continue making films, and his efforts to position himself in the vast socioeconomic and political sphere of a fast-paced city. But it is also his personal letter to his mother, an attempt to make her understand his sexuality and changing priorities in life.

Country of Production KOREA | PHILIPPINES
Shooting of Production  PHILIPPINES
Shooting Format   HD | 1920 X 1080 | 60p
Screening Format DCP | Digital
Sound  5.1 Surround | Stereo
Length  76′ | 45′
Languages Cebuano | Tagalog
Subtitles  English | Korean
Genre  Animadoc | Selfie Documentary | Social Issues
Year of Production  2017

Director’s Statement

What could possibly a Filipino millennial face today?
– Love, career, self-fulfillment, motivation, connection, independence, and the List goes on!

As a filmmaker, I pour my heart and soul to tackle a deep concern we face in spite of the assertion that the Philippines economy is growing. In Manila, good and quality housing, healthy working conditions and Long-term security are still difficult to achieve especially for an IocaI migrant coming from the south.
This heavy contemporary issues in the film are presented in a most simplistic story in a Lighthearted approach that can easily be followed by a Filipino and global audience. This creative documentary explores the method of “selfie” footages considering that the Philippines is a “selfie” capital of the world according to an article in TIME Magazine. The story presents a fresh and unique Angie about urban migration in a personal perspective coming from a young filmmaker and animator.



Doc Spirit Award at Docs Port Incheon 2014   | Jury Prize Award  at Salamindanaw 2017 | Best Documentary & Best Musical Score & Jury Prize Award at Mindanao Film Festival 2017 


WORLD PREMIERE | Salamindanaw 2017 (Philippines) 

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE  | Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2018  (Japan)