Project Description

MR. ELECTION | 미스터 선거왕 (2014)

“Elections are my life.”

Doo-sub Kim, is 82-year-old. He is addicted to politics. He has run for congressional elections thirteen times since 1960, in his hometown of Kimpo city, South Korea. He has lost all of them, except one. For these efforts, he has entered the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of election campaigns. He is well known for being the oldest candidate in Korea, and for his never-give-up attitude.

But in reality, he is poor man, living in a small steel container. His family has abandoned him. His body and his hearing show signs of age, but he still aims for a comeback in the next Congressional elections. In April 2012, he fights for one more chance to be a winner. It is his fourteenth trial. However, Mr. Kim has a rough road ahead. Many voters want him to give up this attempt, or for it may be the last. But he never stops. There are also problems: he doesn’t have the required election deposit of 10,000 Euros, lend money from his party with a written IOU. Moreover, he has only three volunteers for his campaign; a construction worker as a campaign advisor, an old, disable friend as his driver, and a cross-eyed guy as an assistant.

As this film follows Mr. Kim’s race over six months, we observe diverse obstacles facing him and human’s duplicity in an election and politics. We come to understand the reasons why he never stops his journey.

Producer  SINAE HA
Director of Photography HYOGEUN KIM
Running Time 45’ | 56’
Year of Production 2014
Country of Production Korea
Shooting Format HD | 1920 X 1080 | 24p
Screening Format Digital
Sound  Stereo
With Support Of  Korea Communication Agency, National Geographic Channel Korea
Developed at Docs in Thessaloniki 2012

Broadcasted at

National Geographic Channel Korea